Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 778 grants, totaling more than $3,518,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
Kindergarten Sensory Gardens 2017-2018 All Elementary Sensory Centers for each Kindergarten classroom to help develop fine motor skills.
Kids Like Me 2017-2018 LIS Literature in which the main characters represent the diverse cultures that make up the student population at LIS.
Capture the Magic! 2017-2018 LIS Encourage a climate of collaboration and connection between educators by providing necessary equipment (iPads and a swivel) and to make high quality videos of real classroom instruction.
Celebrating Women in Science & Engineering 2017-2018 All Elementary & LIS Program for Pre-k through 6th grade to encourage students to celebrate women in the field of science and engineering.
Coding with Dash & Dot 2017-2018 All Elementary Program that will provide coding experiences to help elementary students develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. 
3D Printing – The Next Level 2017-2018 LMS Second 3D printer to allow more students to get involved with 3D Printing.
Cloud Keyboarding: Making Type to Learn Internet Accessible 2017-2018 LIS One year subscription for a cloud based keyboarding program and keyboard covers that fit Chromebooks.
I believe I can climb too! 2017-2018 LIS A third peg board to help increase the upper body strength of students and encourage more kids to participate in the Peg Board Challenge.
Building and Coding with R2-D2 2017-2018 All Elementary Robotics program for grades 3-8 that features R2-D2-style droids that the students will build from snap-together components.
Mobile Learning for Mobile Minds 2017-2018 BF 4 iPads for each of the Kindergarten classrooms.
Engineers Teaching Algebra 2017-2018 LMS Program to send an engineer into every Algebra classroom for a day and help relate Algebra to the job market and outside world.
Gamify Your Science Classroom 2017-2018 LMS 18-month subscription for the video game platform Legends of Learning in order to reinforce science concepts.   
Look and See 2017-2018 All Elementary Spot Vision Screener to help detect vision problems early in young students.
Full STEAM Ahead: Using iPads to Enhance Music Education 2017-2018 BF 5 iPads to create a digital music program at Ben Franklin.
Franklin Institute Chemistry Assembly 2017-2018 LMS Interactive assembly and supplemental materials to build on knowledge gained from the assembly.
Huzzah! His Excellency, Georg Washington, Returns to Maidenhead 2017-2018 LMS Historical performance for 7th grade American History Students.
Leap into Science Through Literacy 2017-2018 All Elementary Engaging non-fiction texts that will give kindergarten students the opportunity to explore real world phenomena around the changing seasons.
Kids Bridge Bullying Prevention and Diversity Appreciation Programs 2017-2018 BF Interactive bullying prevention and diversity appreciation program for second and third graders.
Mindful Teen Part 2 2017-2018 LMS Additional mindfulness training for staff and students.
In Living Color- Promoting Learning with Color 2017-2018 LMS Presentation Center which will allow LMS to create content and school-specific posters for Character Education, curriculum and general school information.
Second Grade Robotics 2017-2018 All Elementary Robotics program for second graders at all elementary schools.
Ben Franklin Sound Garden 2017-2018 BF Materials that will allow students to design and create a permanent musical environment on the existing fence in the playground area.
USA Science & Engineering Festival 2017-2018 LMS A field trip to the Washington, D.C. Science and Engineering Festival.
Using Nonfiction Publications to Engage in History and Improve Literacy 2017-2018 LMS Nonfiction social studies magazines for American History teachers to supplement curriculum studies.
Drown out the Distractions 2017-2018 LMS Sound cancelling headphones and privacy shields to help students who struggle to focus.
Launch Kits for Elementary Mobile Makerspace 2017-2018 All Elementary Tools to expand the Mobile Makerspaces at all elementary schools.
Mobile Minds for Mobile Learning 2017-2018 EPS Provides 3 iPads for each Kindergarten classroom at EPS.
Building Transition Skills via NJ Transit 2017-2018 LHS One way tickets for the NJ Transit buses to allow students to travel to and from school and community sites as part of the Community Based Instruction component of their Career Exploration class.
Manners Matter! Pathway to College and Career Readiness 2017-2018 LMS Manners to Go™ Middle School curriculum to help strengthen social skills among students at LMS.
Super Subscriptions for Super Kids 2017-2018 BF & LES Subscription to Spelling City and headphones for special education and ASI students at Ben Franklin and Lawrenceville Elementary school.