Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 778 grants, totaling more than $3,518,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
LIS Outdoor Education Speakers 1996-97 LIS For materials and fees for visiting naturalists
Iditarod Dog Sled Race 1995-96 BF Materials and software to link 2nd graders to Iditarod events
Upgrade of LMS Writing Lab 1995-96 LMS Computers
Improved Vocal Musicianship 1995-96 LHS Video camera set-up for choral instruction
You've Got Style! 1995-96 District Materials to initiate district-wide evaluation and tracking of student and staff learning styles
Linking Community & Careers 1995-96 LHS Computers and software for college search process; LHS guidance
Masks, Mimes & Music 1995-96 EP Interdisciplinary music/phys education art/social studies at EPS
Math Through Modeling 1995-96 LHS Graphing calculators for LHS math department
Multiple Copies of Non-fiction Books 1995-96 LIS For LIS
Music Technology Pilot Program 1995-96 LHS Computer and software for LHS instrumental music teacher to teach composition and theory
Native American Online Pen Pals 1995-96 BF Computer and Internet service for 2nd grade class at BF
Advancing Computer Literacy 1995-96 SL Computers for SL 2nd grade
Project Graduation 1995-96 LHS Support for four consecutive substance-free graduation parties
Cardinal Challenge Day 1995-96 LMS Interactive cooperative games at LMS
Project Vanguard Challenge Grant 1995-96 LHS Visual presenters for LHS English department (2 of 3)
Cardinal Creations 1995-96 LMS Materials to continue mural in cafeteria
Project Write 1995-96 LES One high-end computer & printer to establish Writing Lab at LES
Caring & Creating Computer Cards 1995-96 SL Computer and materials for kindergarten project
Championship Schools Conference 1995-96 District Travel to conference for LMS and LHS principals and select staff
Pupil Parent Postcard Project 1995-96 BF Computer and materials for 1st grade writing and reading readiness at BF
Coming to America 1995-96 BF Visiting historian from Plymouth Plantation MA for 2nd graders at BF
Sense of Place Creative Environment 1995-96 LHS Computer, visual presenter, and other materials for LHS Humanities class
Dash to Disney 1995-96 LES Integrates physical education and social studies in simulated walk to Orlando FLA
Sound of Quality Challenge Grant 1995-96 LES Public address system for LES all-purpose room (1/3)
Fitness for Life 1995-96 SL Materials and equipment for phys education classes
Tolerance: Connecting 1995-96 LIS For materials and fees for artist-in residence program for LIS 6th graders
Hard Copy in the LMS Library 1995-96 LMS Printer for LMS library
Tower of Learning 1995-96 LMS CD tower for LMS library
Resource Coordinator 1994-99 District Part-time position within the District (five consecutive years)
Parent University 1994-95 District Evening seminars for parents on curriculum, how to help your child learn, other topics