Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 778 grants, totaling more than $3,518,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
STEAMingo into Kindergarten with bee bot robots 2015-2016 Slackwood and LES Kindergarten Robotics program expansion
Kinesthetic Classroom; move your body move your mind & Pedal Desks 2015-2016 Ben Franklin Classroom furniture that uses movement to facilitate cognition, maximize brain function, and anchor learning
LMS Urban Art Project 2015-2016 LMS Artist in residence opportunity with Leon Rainbow to create a mural at LMS
Lights Up 2014-2015 LMS portable spotlight in auditorium at LMS for enhanced performances, assemblies, and presentations.
Math Literature in the Classrooms 2014-2015 LES Math literature library to help students make mathematical connections to real world situations.
EPS FALCON 2014-2015 EPS Ourdoor classroom and nature space.
Presenting Student work with SMART tvs 2014-2015 LMS Addition of 2 Smart TVs in LMS library to allow for large and small group presentations.
Hear, Listen, and Learn 2014-2015 LES Amplification systems to maximize student achievement, listening, and processing skills.
Finding Friendship 2014-2015 SL Character education program.
2nd Annual LMS Arts Festival 2014-2015 LMS hands-on arts festival in spring 2015 featuring student work in areas of arts, listerature, video and technology.
Implementing Engineering Kits in First Grade 2014-2015 LES Solids and liquids chemical engineering; a work in progress improving a play dough process.
Cozy Reading Nooks 2014-2015 SL reading spaces for first grade classrooms.
The Halls are alive with the sound of physics 2014-2015 LHS Boomwhackers to make music for special education students.
Getting a Birds Eye view with an aerial drone 2014-2015 LMS Technology to encourage students to engage in hands-on technical learning.
Making Strides 2014-2015 SL Implementation of strider balance bikes for special needs students.
Learning through a kinesthetic classroom 2014-2015 LMS alternative work spaces for special needs students.
Go Pro Camera 2014-2015 LMS Equipment to spark student interest in video creation and documentation
Energize Us 2014-2015 SL & EPS Jump with Jill assembly that teaches kids about nutrition while being entertained during a nutrition rock concert.
Meet young adult authors 2014-2015 LMS Author in residence program 
We Create with we video 2014-2015 LMS Online subscription to a video editing program to that is accessible to all LMS students.
Garden Kits 2014-2015 SL Garden Kits to be used for a hands-on approach to plant life cycles and botany for all Slackwood students.
Mobile white board communication 2014-2015 LMS collaborative tools for classrooms
World Drumming 2014-2015 LMS Addition of new drums to enhance the music program at LMS.
Sound Amplification 2014-2015 EPS Amplification Systems to maximize student achievement, listening, and processing skills.
Chess on the Playground 2014-2015 LIS Repainting of outdoor chsss board and US Map outside of LIS.
Science and Engineering Fair 2014-2015 LIS Support of annual science and engineering fair.
LHS Pool Improvements 2014-2015 LHS Enhancements to improve safety and appearance of LHS pool.
Everyone Needs a Home 2014-2015 LIS Academy of natural sciences presentation about animal behavior and structures, communication skills, and their habitats.
Sphero and Stem 2014-2015 All Elementary The APP robotic ball you can program.
Mel Lepzig 2014-2015 LHS Artist in residence program with distinguished artist culminating with a trip to Gallery Henock in NYC.