Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 622 grants, totaling more than $2,991,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
Motivation through Ipad innovation 2013-2014 LIS iPads for special education and resource room students
Arts Festival at LMS 2013-2014 LMS a school event for students of various disciplines including the arts, literature, video and technology
Nature studies across the district 2013-2014 district-wide hands on science program for first graders
Be the Change 2012-2013 Lawrence High School Program to provide students with experiential workshops and seminars that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth and full expression. 
Allowing all voices to be heard 2012-2013 EPS Installation of a new sound system in the all-purpose room
Enhancing Opportunites for Outdoor learning 2012-2013 BF Additions to the SNAP space including walking paths and a sun shade
Sensory Garden 2012-2013 LES A sensory garden that will allow students to explore nature through scent, color, sound and touch.
Walking Path 2012-2013 SL A walking path around the playground area to access the new fitness equipment.
Projector at LIS 2012-2013 LIS a new projector will be added to the all-purpose room to enhance assemblies, presentations, and other school functions
Sit and Read 2012-2013 LMS New seating and upgrades to existing seating at the school's library to provude students with areas more conducive to in-depth reading.
Earobics and RTI 2012-13 SL  Subscription to help improve speech and language of students
NJ Model Congress 2012-13 LHS Registration for participation in a model congress simulation
Motivation through iPad Innovation 2012-13 LIS  Providing ASI and RTI Students with a Virtual Toolbox of Engaging Developmentally Appropriate Resources
Senteo Responders 2012-13 LHS  Smart Response System to engage students in instruction
Keyboarding Kids 2012-13 LIS  Teaching  terrific “touch typing”, a lifelong skill
Smart Music for the 21st Century Learner 2012-13 LMS  Online subscriptions for students to record performances
Responsive Classroom - Train the Trainer 2012-13 All Elementary  Training to maximize classroom instruction for all students
If we could talk to animals 2012-13 LIS  Linking structure of life knowledge to real life animal behavior and communication
WLMS- TV News Studio on the move 2012-13 LMS  A Portable TV studio that will include cross-house programming for school-wide activities
Digital Art Exploration 2012-13 LHS  Tablet accessories, Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit trip for commercial and practical arts
21st Century Socrates- Furniture Matters 2012-13 LHS  Using a Harkness table to encourage student-teacher collaboration
Exercise Ball Chairs 2012-13 BF  Keeping Students Active and Focused
DECA International Career Development Conference 2012-13 LHS  Student registration and insurance fees to attend national conference
iPads for Speech/Language Therapy 2012-13 LES  Specialized speech and language software to facilitate skill development
Program Renaissance 2012-13 LHS  Program to recognize and award academic excellence, good attendance, and good school citizenship
Literary Nation 2012-13 LMS  Creating a literary magazine to facilitate cross-curricular and culturally diverse goals
AP Spanish - Summer PD 2012-13 LHS Summer Professional Development
LIS Percussion 2012-13 LIS  Equipment and smart storage solutions for LIS music program
RTI for Speech Therapy 2012-13 SL  Collection of CDs and CD player for use in speech/language reinforcement program
Engineering is Elementary 2012-13 All Elementary, LIS Engineering program for grades 2 and 4 throughout the district