Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 778 grants, totaling more than $3,518,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
Creating a culture of reading - bringing literacy home 2013-2014 SL Summer reading program for all slackwood school students
Creating Genius writers with author Dan Gutman 2013-2014 EPS author-in-residence program for 3rd graders with popular children's author
Transition for rising 7th graders 2013-2014 LIS Bus costs for LIS students with IEPs to visit LMS
Classic literature with a twist 2013-2014 LHS illustrated novels and audio CDs of classic literature to encourage reluctant readers
iPad minis and Proloquo2go for Non-Verbal Children 2013-2014 Ben Franklin tools to assist non-verbal children to help facilitate early language stimulation
3D Printer- cutting edge STEM Education 2013-2014 LIS 3D printer for LIS
Falcon Frieze 2013-2014 EPS mural for character education
Track and Field improvements 2013-2014 LHS improvements to the shot put circle for student athlete use at LHS and LMS
Kinder-Garden - sowing the seeds of learning 2013-2014 BF hands-on gardening experince for kindergarden students
Flowstyle 2013-2014 LMS assembly for character education at LMS
New Jersey Model Congress 2013-2014 LHS registration fees for 45 students to participate in the program
Nooks for Special Education and ESL-ELL students 2013-2014 BF Reading devices to assist students with vocabulary and reading comprehension skills
Shakespeare 2013-2014 LHS artist in residence program for LHS literacy students
LHS Library Renovation part 2 2013-2014 LHS Upgrade of LHS library.
It's OK To Hustle 2013-2014 LIS Pedometers to record physical activity and help promote a healthy lifestyle
Making the virtual a reality with 3d Printing 2013-2014 LMS 3-D printer for LMS technology lab
LIS intramural lacrosse 2013-2014 LIS Lacrosse equipment for extracurricular student club
Increasing student engagement by using iPads in the ESL classroom 2013-2014 LIS Technology to engage and motivate students as they strive to master the English language
Collaborative Learning Tables 2013-2014 LMS Harkness style table for student engagement
"Smart" speech and language 2013-2014 LIS SMART board to help facilitate the development of language and speech skills of students
Crossfit Kids Curriculum 2013-2014 LMS Physical education enhancements
Linking the "motion and design" and "mixtures and solutions" units with the Liberty Science Center Sportacular program 2013-2014 LIS assemblies for 4th and 5th grade students
Finding Your Way 2013-2014 LMS Professional development and books for LMS teachers
Summer Reading for rising 5th graders 2013-2014 LIS Leveled novels for rising 5th graders to read over the summer
Implementing Engineering in 3rd Grade science 2013-2014 LES hands-on science learning kits
Sensory Lending Library 2013-2014 LIS Purchase of sensory equipment for students with behavioral or physical challenges
Interactive Math Software 2013-2014 BF hands on software for grades 1-3 for use with classroom smart boards
SmartMusic 2013-2014 LIS Technology and subscriptions to improve the skills of music students
It's not fiction that reading is important 2013-2014 BF Collections of non fiction books for grades K-3
Set Me Free 2013-2014 LIS Teacher tool for teaching interactive lessons using wthe SmartBoard