Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 622 grants, totaling more than $2,991,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
The Career Academies of LHS 2010-11 LHS Career academy funding at LHS
Rider Presents 2010-11 LHS bus costs for program
Career Academies 2010-11 LHS Career academy funding at LHS
Woodrow Wilson Public Affairs Forum 2010-11 LHS Transportation to Woodrow Wilson Public Affairs Forum
Build It 2010-11 District Building and Engineering kits for G&T use in grades 2 & 3
Using 21st Century Lab Equipment in the Classrooms 2010-11 LHS Handheld devices for science curriculum
iPod Shuffles for LHS ESL Students 2010-11 LHS Using iPod shuffles to help ESL students at LHS achieve better english proficiency
Building your Word Power 2010-11 BF Scrabble Boards for 3rd grade
Kindles for LIS ASI Students 2010-11 LIS Kindles for reluctant readers.
Celebrating NJ in the 4th Grade 2010-11 LIS presentation of NJ, Celebrate your State
Learning through the living classroom 2010-11 LIS developing an integrated garden to teach children and teachers life skills
Connecting English II Honors students through reading 2010-11 LHS e-readers for honors english students
Me, Myself, & I 2009-10 BF Multi-art inspiration for student self-protratis
Mini Lessons 2009-10 LIS Classsroom materials for fourth grade classrooms
New Jersey History Comes Alive 2009-10 LIS An author and a photographer will share materials to highlight NJ history
ACC Camp Internship 2009-10 SL Camp internship for speech pathologist
Piano Fund Contribution 2009-10 LHS Gala funds donation for Boston grand piano
Anc. Hist. – Mini-Museum 2009-10 LIS Museum replicas to reinforce anciant history curriculum
Read 180 2009-10 LHS Program to address needs of struggling readers
Arts Festival 2009-10 District Vocal music residency to create and perform an original composition
Reading Rocks 2009-10 LIS Reading Comprehension activities for 6th graders
Ball Chairs for Focus 2009-10 BF Ball chairs for BF classrooms to focus attention of students
Robotics Engineering Program 2009-10 LMS Robotics & engineering capability in LMS tech lab - Partner: BMS
Chess on the Playground 2009-10 LIS Indoor and outdoor chess sets for LIS enrichment
Smart Table 2009-10 BF Multi-touch interactive white board table for preschool classrooms
Crayons from the Heart 2009-10 LHS Support for a service learning project for LHS transition students
Spark Imagination w/ Wordless Books 2009-10 BF Wordless books will prompt oral and written communication
Support Struggling Readers 2009-10 LIS Leveled reading material for low-performing readers
Digital Literacy 2009-10 LIS Laptops for LIS
Technology Lab 2009-10 LMS Technology lab to add elective course for 7th & 8th grade students