Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 778 grants, totaling more than $3,518,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
Going Green all year round 2012-13 BF Greenhouse addition to existing SNAP space
Utilizing SmartBoard Software to Engage Young Learners 2012-13 BF  Interactive CD-Rom Software for use in preschool and kindergarten
LHS- Improving the Atmosphere in the Gym 2012-13 LHS New sound system in the school gymnasium
Thinking Tools Trunk 2012-13 All Elementary  Enrichment materials and resources to strengthen student thinking skills
Improving Reading Comprehension 2012-13 LIS Smartboard Interactive Language Arts Center Activities
Earobics and RTI 2012-13 SL  Subscription to help improve speech and language of students
NJ Model Congress 2012-13 LHS Registration for participation in a model congress simulation
Motivation through iPad Innovation 2012-13 LIS  Providing ASI and RTI Students with a Virtual Toolbox of Engaging Developmentally Appropriate Resources
Senteo Responders 2012-13 LHS  Smart Response System to engage students in instruction
Keyboarding Kids 2012-13 LIS  Teaching  terrific “touch typing”, a lifelong skill
Smart Music for the 21st Century Learner 2012-13 LMS  Online subscriptions for students to record performances
Senteo Response Systems 2011-12 LIS Smart Response System to engage students in instruction
Music for All 2011-12 District music program for special education students - web cams
Summer Professional Development 2011-12 LHS AP literature and composition workshop - PD
Pollination for the next generation 2011-12 LES butterfly pollinators for use in science curriculum in second grade
S.N.A.P. Space at Ben Franklin 2011-12 BF outoor classroom and learning space for children to explore
Supporting Literacy & Language 2011-12 EPS support for non-english speaking families at EPS
Supporting PLCs to Increase instruction 2011-12 LMS Books for LMS teachers to increase effective instructional strategies
Putting the Mobile in Mobile Learning 2011-12 BF Purchase of Irover to facilitate global communication
Threads 2011-12 LHS Community service clearinghouse for service needs at LHS and the community
Lawrence Snippits 2011-12 District purchase of video recording and editing equipment for all schools
Noodlebib 2011-12 LIS, LMS, LHS Subscription to promote ethical research through citation of resources
ROBOTS 2011-12 LHS purchase of robotics program and course at STEM academy at LHS
LMS Percussion Ensemble 2011-12 LMS percussion instruments for LMS ensemble
AP Bio Summer Reading 2011-12 LHS "The Hot Zone" for AP Bio Summer Reading
Summer Professional Development 2011-12 LHS AP US History Workshop - PD
DECA International Conference 2011-12 LHS Student registration fees for competition and conference
Acting out with LMS Students 2011-12 LMS LMS Performing arts students program
Energize Us 2011-12 SL Motivational assembly and exercise eqipment for outside
Art for Everyone 2011-12 LIS chalk board for LIS