Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 622 grants, totaling more than $2,991,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort descending School Description
Classical Literature 1992-93 LIS Books and materials for LIS
Disabled Awareness 1992-93 Elementary District-wide elementary presentations
Exploratorium 1992-93 BF Hands on classroom/lab at BFE
Multicultural Relations 1992-93 District Training in cultural sensitivity for staff
Odyssey of the Mind 1992-93 LIS Support for LIS team to participate in national competition
Outdoor Science Center 1992-93 LES Materials and plantings for environmental center at LES
Portable TV Broadcast Studio 1992-93 LMS Purchase of equipment for LMS TV broadcast studio
Project Graduation 1992-93 LHS Support for four consecutive substance-free graduation parties
Whole Language/Special Ed. 1992-93 LIS Materials for special education teachers
Arts Integration 1992-93 Elementary Training for elementary teachers to bridge elimination of art supervisor
Library Automation 1993-94 LHS Barcoding and equipment for LHS library
Mighty Math 1993-94 EP Math enhancement for elementary grades at EPS
Project Graduation 1993-94 LHS Support for four consecutive substance-free graduation parties
Research Through Hypercard 1993-94 LIS Computer and software for LIS 6th grade class
Science Olympiad 1993-94 LMS For participation of LMS team in national competition (2)
Science on Wheels 1993-94 LIS Carts and equipment for LIS 5th grade science classes
Stovetop Science Labs 1993-94 EP Hotplates, cooking utensils and other materials for 1st grade science
Think Globally, Act Locally 1993-94 LIS Social studies materials for LIS
Welcome Parents to English 1993-94 District Materials for curriculum and school-life introduction for parents of children with primary languages other than English
Commercial Art Equipment 1993-94 LHS Computer & printer, LHS art classes
Critical Thinking/Building Computers 1993-94 LHS Materials for internet project at LHS
District Cable Billboard 1993-94 District Equipment to upgrade capabilities
Efficacy Institute Seminar 1993-94 District Training for BF staff in 'efficacy' pedagogy; principles are a part of operating philosophy/ methodology at BFE (district pilot)
Fourth Grade Weather Station 1993-94 LIS Equipment to monitor temp, barometric pressure, etc and link with classroom computer
Interdisciplinary Physics Program 1993-94 LHS Materials for LHS physics classes
K-6 Mentor Program 1993-94 BF, LIS Matched volunteers with at-risk children
Lawrence Legacies 1994-95 LHS Support for necessary volunteer background checks
Little Theatre of the Deaf 1994-95 Elementary Performance for elementary students
Nature Center Display 1994-95 EP Cabinet for EPS nature samples
Outdoor Classroom 1994-95 BF Materials and plantings for outdoor project at BF