Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 778 grants, totaling more than $3,518,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Namesort descending Year School Description
"Smart" speech and language 2013-2014 LIS SMART board to help facilitate the development of language and speech skills of students
21st Century Socrates- Furniture Matters 2012-13 LHS  Using a Harkness table to encourage student-teacher collaboration
21st Century Strings 2008-09 LIS, LMS, LHS Musician residency in electric violin
2nd Annual LMS Arts Festival 2014-2015 LMS hands-on arts festival in spring 2015 featuring student work in areas of arts, listerature, video and technology.
3D Printer- cutting edge STEM Education 2013-2014 LIS 3D printer for LIS
3D Printing – The Next Level 2017-2018 LMS Second 3D printer to allow more students to get involved with 3D Printing.
88 Keys to Success 2003-04 LIS Replacement of 2 pianos
A Capital Event 2015-2016 LMS Trip for students to attend the USA Science & Engineering Fair in Washington DC
A Literacy Center for Teachers, Administrators & Parents 2003-04 Elementary Materials on early literacy at EP for all staff & parents
A Ticket on the Underground Railroad 2005-06 LES Materials, teacher training & fields trip to support investigation of topic
A World of Difference 2007-08 LES Diversity awareness program
ABC Exchange: Art Bridges Communities 2003-04 BF Joint mural project with Mott Elementary from Trenton NJ
ACC Camp Internship 2009-10 SL Camp internship for speech pathologist
Accelerated English Learning 1994-95 LIS Set up computer-based tutorial for ESL students
Accelerated English Training 1996-97 District Training in Houston in accelerated language acquisition methods
Accelerated Reader 2003-04 LIS Materials - books, software, quizzes
Acting out with LMS Students 2011-12 LMS LMS Performing arts students program
Active Learning for Selfdetermination 1996-97 LHS Pilot with classified students at LHS for exposure to "real world" jobs
Advancing Computer Literacy 1995-96 SL Computers for SL 2nd grade
Advocates for Special Kids PTO 2002-03 District Seed money for PTO for classified students
All aboard the magic school bus 2015-2016 All Elementary A stay trip visit by the magic school bus to all elementary schools
Allowing all voices to be heard 2012-2013 EPS Installation of a new sound system in the all-purpose room
American Heroes by Jonathan Sprout 2015-2016 LIS Musical assembly for 5th graders about true American Heroes
Anc. Hist. – Mini-Museum 2009-10 LIS Museum replicas to reinforce anciant history curriculum
Animals that Tell a Story Mural 2006-07 SL Artist-in-resident will direct student mural
ANYTOWN 2005-06 LHS Leadership training in diversity and tolerance
Anytown Rainbow Challenge 2006-07 LHS Support for tolerance campaign
Anytown Training 2006-07 LHS Training for LHS students on tolerance
Anytowne Program 2009-10 LHS support for school climate program (Horne Partner)
AP Bio Summer Reading 2011-12 LHS "The Hot Zone" for AP Bio Summer Reading