Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 622 grants, totaling more than $2,991,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
We Create with we video 2014-2015 LMS Online subscription to a video editing program to that is accessible to all LMS students.
Sound Amplification 2014-2015 EPS Amplification Systems to maximize student achievement, listening, and processing skills.
Mobile white board communication 2014-2015 LMS collaborative tools for classrooms
World Drumming 2014-2015 LMS Addition of new drums to enhance the music program at LMS.
Chess on the Playground 2014-2015 LIS Repainting of outdoor chsss board and US Map outside of LIS.
Science and Engineering Fair 2014-2015 LIS Support of annual science and engineering fair.
LHS Pool Improvements 2014-2015 LHS Enhancements to improve safety and appearance of LHS pool.
Everyone Needs a Home 2014-2015 LIS Academy of natural sciences presentation about animal behavior and structures, communication skills, and their habitats.
Sphero and Stem 2014-2015 All Elementary The APP robotic ball you can program.
Mel Lepzig 2014-2015 LHS Artist in residence program with distinguished artist culminating with a trip to Gallery Henock in NYC.
Learning through the livign classroom 2014-2015 LIS Addition of annual bulbs to the outdoor classroom space at LIS.
Stone Soup 2014-2015 SL Assembly and performance of a play.
Read 180 Next Generation 2014-2015 LHS Program for readers whose lexile level us below grade level to help improve their reading skills and develop grade level proficiency.
SmartMusic 2014-2015 LIS subscriptions to smartmusic program to allow students to have access to better assessment tools and additional practice tools.
Teach like a pirate 2014-2015 LMS faculty book study & professional development
NJ Model Congress 2014-2015 LHS Registration fees for students to participate in a model congress simulation at the state house annex in Trenton and at Rider University.
Sounds of music 2014-2015 LIS Improvements to the sound system including new wireless microphones and accessories.
Teambuilding and year end reward 2014-2015 LHS Trip and team building program for special needs students.
Building Cultural Literacy in Architecture 2014-2015 LHS Trip to Washington DC for ESL students to visit national landmarks.
Follow the Drinking Gourd 2014-2015 LIS Theatrical musical presentation to 4th grade students to bring history to life.
Readers Workshop 2014-2015 LIS Reading program subscription and book kits for 4th and 5th grade.
Comfy Chairs 2014-2015 LMS Cozy reading chairs for students.
Interactive Math Centers 2014-2015 LIS Interactive math tools and games for 5th grade students for use with classroom SMARTboards.
Motivation through Ipad innovation 2014-2015 LIS Keyboards for Ipads
Parents... inspired and informed 2014-2015 District Wide Series of parent seminars to empower parents with the tools required to guide their children thgough challenging developmental periods.
Creating Lifelong Readers 2014-2015 LHS Classroom library to encourage a love of reading of appropriate books.
Collaborative Learning Tables 2013-2014 LMS Harkness style table for student engagement
Increasing student engagement by using iPads in the ESL classroom 2013-2014 LIS Technology to engage and motivate students as they strive to master the English language
Crossfit Kids Curriculum 2013-2014 LMS Physical education enhancements
"Smart" speech and language 2013-2014 LIS SMART board to help facilitate the development of language and speech skills of students