Schools awarded over $51,000 by Lawrence Township Education Foundation

 The Lawrence Township Education Foundation (LTEF) has awarded over $51,000 in funding for 20 innovative programs throughout the Lawrence Township Public Schools.  The grants, awarded to district teachers, will provide funding for projects and programs that are outside of the regular budget, covering a broad range of disciplines including athletics, reading, language arts, history, environmental science, speech therapy, music and the arts.

 Athletics:  To enhance the track and field facilities and improve safety, a new shot put circle will benefit the student athletes at Lawrence High School (LHS) and Lawrence Middle School (LMS). New lacrosse equipment will provide students at Lawrence Intermediate School (LIS) with an extracurricular opportunity.  Also at LIS, pedometers for use in Phys Ed class will record physical activity by student to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

 Art & Poetry:  At Lawrence Middle School (LMS), Project VOICE, a program to perform and teach spoken word poetry, will provide students the opportunity to use poetry as an instrument through which they can explore and better understand the culture, their society and ultimately themselves.  In the spring, LMS will also host their first Arts Festival showcasing student-created visual arts, literature, video and technology for families and the community.

 Language Arts: Eldridge Park Elementary School students will work with popular children’s author Dan Gutman to become more accomplished writers. Summer reading programs will be launched for LIS 5th graders and Slackwood Elementary School students through leveled novels, and for the younger students writing journals and reader response sheets for their new summer reading program.  And to encourage reluctant readers at the High School, an assortment of illustrated novels and audio CDs of classic literature will now be available.

 Speech:  Lawrence Township Public Schools work with students at all levels to help develop and enhance language capabilities.  Through these grants, Ben Franklin Elementary School will receive technology tools to help facilitate early language stimulation in non-verbal children as well as reading devices to assist students with vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. iPads will be provided to LIS to benefit the English as a Second Language program and a Smart Board will help facilitate the development of language and speech skills of students. For students with physical challenges, the Sensory Lending Library at LIS will be enhanced.

These are just some of the innovative grants funded by LTEF in this grant cycle.  A complete list of the grants, along with information on LTEF may be found at  


The Lawrence Township Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that fosters educational excellence, creativity, and achievement in the Lawrence Township Public Schools. Since 1992, it has funded over 550 programs in the Lawrence schools with grants in excess of $2.6 million.  For more information about LTEF and ways to support the Foundation, visit or email