LES students have a great new makerspace in their library!
The Magic School Bus came to town and visited all of our elementary schools.
LIS music students worked with musicians from the NJ Symphony Orchestra.
LHS art students had the opportunity to work with Mel Lepzig and take a tour at Grounds for Sculpture.
LIS Students learned about the laws of Physics through sports.
Non-Fiction author Jerry Palotta spent time with students from Slackwood School.
LIS Students learned about music from various cultures.
Music students at LES have equipment to create, compose, record, engineer, improvise and perform music.
Enhancements were made to improve the safety and appearance of the LHS pool.
Standing desks and motion desks are used in some special education classrooms at LMS.
Kindergartners use these robotic Bees to expand, support, and enhance STEAM education.
LES Students have equipment and materials for creating, composing, recording, engineering, improsiving and performing music.
Lacrosse equipment for an extra-curricular student club was funded at Lawrence Intermediate School
A Harkness style table is now being used at LMS to encourage student-teacher collaboration.
The technology lab at LIS is now fitted with a 3D printer to show students the complete engineering process.
Cross Fit Kids is now in use at LMS to enhace the PE Curriculum.
A hands-on gardening experience for kindergarten students at Ben Franklin School.
Students at LIS use pedometers to record their activity level
Students and the surrounding community at Slackwood School have outdoor exercise equipment to help them stay healthy!
Students at LIS are taught the life-long skill of touch-typing.
Preschool students at Ben Franklin are engaged using interactive CD-ROM software
Students at Lawrenceville Elementary explore nature through scent, color, sound and touch at their Sensory Garden
In the fall of 2013, LTEF awarded 20 grants to teachers throughout the district.
The Green House at Ben Franklin enhances the amazing SNAP space
Students at Ben Franklin sit on special chairs to assist with their focus.
This basketball rebounder will help to improve skills of LHS basketball players.
Chess Tournaments are held annually at LIS for all students thanks to chess boards funded by an LTEF grant.
Students at Slackwood School were treated to an exciting Rock Concert about good nutrition and the need for exercise.
Building Character at Slackwood Elementary: Students designed and created this mosaic mural, funded by LTEF, for their "week of respect."
Students in the Academy of Arts and Humanities at Lawrence High School designed and created beautiful mosaic tile designs that are featured in the courtyard at LHS.
Every 4th grader at Lawrence Intermediate School toured historic sites in Lawrence Township thanks to one of 450 grants funded by Lawrence Township Education Foundation.

Funding Excellence in Education

Enhancing our public schools through private donations.Click To Conate
Lawrence Township Education Foundation provides funding for programs that foster excellence, creativity and achievement in education for all students in Lawrence Township Public Schools. By garnering private donations from individuals, local businesses, corporations and foundations we enable innovative projects to provide an exceptional learning environment. 

Our goal is to fund programs that will have a substantial and lasting impact on Lawrence Township public school students. Working closely with teachers and administrators, we ensure the grants that we fund are closely aligned with the educational priorities of the school district. We strive to motivate educators to try new ideas, expand the classroom beyond four walls and create truly unique experiences for students.